Our Team

We believe in making a real difference in the lives of people affected by complex mental health issues through support, research and advocacy.

We believe in making a real difference in the lives of people affected by challenges to their mental health through support, research and advocacy.

Board of Directors

Dick Page

Dick has been involved in Mental Health Wellbeing since 2008. He is a Trained Peer Advocate and has been involved with Ian since 2010.

Zoe Forde

Zoe is a communications professional with experience working in the non-profit sector, including in charities and public bodies. She has 10 years' experience volunteering for various mental health awareness campaigns and programmes, with a passion for promoting supports for people with mental ill health.

Miriam Dowling

Miriam is a mental health and wellbeing coach, working with both companies and individuals.  She is also a See Change ambassador, speaking openly about her own lived experience with mental ill health and the challenges that come with it.

Christopher Stapleton

Christy has worked with various organisations promoting self-empowerment in the areas of homelessness and with those experiencing mental health difficulties. An aspect of such was learning about equality and mutual respect, as reflected in peer support work, an innate belief in the dignity of each person through advocacy.

Company Secretary
Jim Walsh

Jim has been involved in mental health for over 30 years and has been with the Irish Advocacy Network for over two decades. His experiences includes using mental health services, commissioning, collaborating with various organisations, training and education with peers, family members/carers and providers of services.

Some of our partners/collaborators, past and present

Get Involved

If you identify as someone who has or continues to experience mental health challenges and you live in Ireland, you are invited to become a member of Peer Advocacy in Mental Health

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Application Closing Date: Friday 12pm 1st September 2022
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